The Teddy Bear's Picnic

Our good friends, Joan and Eli, are excellent cooks and therefore, by default, excellent hosts too! Everyone I know loves getting an invitation to their beachfront home. Feral cats hang around the patio doors, waiting for tasty little morsels to be cast their way, so it was no big surprise when this "little" fellow came looking for the source of all the delicious scents wafting over his neck of the woods behind their home!
Definitely not Little Red Riding Hood!

Seeing the big Black Bear looking through the windows to see what was cooking, Eli dropped his spatula and quickly called the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources. They are very resourceful indeed, and know just what to do when B.B. king comes calling ...

Sensing he may be in a little bit of trouble, B.B. headed up... (By the way, this is a great shot, and a great time to say that Eli and Joan took these pictures with their cellphones! Amazing!)

And we all know that what comes up, must come down. Fear not fellow nature bloggers, it's a dart gun,
and, two darts later B.B. was in dreamland.

When he awakes, he will be about 50 km north of the deck, in the midst of the forest and free to forage without harm to himself or the humans who cared enough to call the bear busters.

There are lots of reports of Black Bears on Allumette Island this year, and we who live here are happy about that, and about this ending!


Kelly said...

...wow! What a cool post! The photos are pretty good to have been taken with a cell phone. He must have been really close! (I love his little tongue lolling out while he's in dreamland!)

Susan Ellis said...

It was pretty scary actually for Joan and Eli...as there's not much protection between the patio door and the kitchen! They were in shock to be so up front and personal!

robin andrea said...

Thank you so much for leaving the link to this great post on our blog today. What a fantastic bear story. I'm glad he was not harmed and was taken out of the area where he could be safe. For the first time in my life, I'm living in bear country. So, now that I've had my first sighting, I'm hoping if I get another chance I'll actually remember to use my camera!