It happens every year - that first glimpse of brilliant crimson that always manages to surprise me. There is so much emotion packed into that heartbreak red. Summer regrets, time passing, winter coming.
There are so many cliches about fall - and they are all true. It is a time of reflection, of gathering our rosebuds while we may, of discovering silver threads among the gold. Carpe diem.


Lorac said...

You are so right. The first glimpse of red and your stomach flip flops, your heart skips a beat and You start to think WINTER! I do it every year! The weather here has been so nice lately, probably the best we have had all summer but i am feeling the nip in the air at night and in the mornings!

Neil Tasker said...

There's nothing quite like that first autumn morning when you step out the front door and the chill in the air makes you catch your breath.
Like you, never ceases to amaze me.