There's something you should know.

I feel like I haven't been completely open with you, dear reader..and it's not because I don't want to be, but because when I sit down to write a little ditty, I get really focused and forget to tell you other stuff. Stuff like, uh, like, this is essentially a bird and nature blog. Aaannnddd...we have two cats.
Incredibly wonderful, funny, furry, affectionate, cats...Dawson and Tess. Since the kids moved out, they have become the welcome home committee, when's dinner greeters, can we go out 'n play guys, and time to cuddle furballs that make this house a home. They're rescued barn cats from Killaloe, and if you google Killaloe, you'll know exactly what that means!
Just thought I should get that out there, in case at some point it became an issue. One never knows where issues will come from, or when they will arise...so I'm being proactive.
They wear bells most of the time...Tess especially. Because she is a hunter. She's also very bright and has learned that when I go out and yell "NO! DROP IT" it's in her best interests to do so. Chippie runs free, and she is treated lovingly in return. As for Dawson...well, he's not wearing a black and white tuxedo, but a shaggy, orange long-haired coat, and I have actually seen a mouse run right in front of his nose...and he just looked at it and asked,"What's yer name thingee? Wanna snuggle?"
They are great pets. And now you know.


John Freeman said...

Hey they aren't called Ambush and TailGunner for nothing :-)Opps there goes another Townsend's Warbler, ---- now you guys get in here ----- Quick -- like a bunny!!!!! [ummm --- hello do we look like bunnies?] have a nice day ---- john

Murr Brewster said...

My house would not be complete without a cat. However, the cat stays inside. We let bats in from time to time...