FINALLY! Hummers are here!

Monday, May 4th, 7:34 pm -Allumette Island, Quebec,
about 5 minutes from Pembroke, Ontario. Let it be noted that the first Ruby-Throated Hummingbird of 2009 (in our yard) has been spotted at the feeder!!! -which I put out yesterday just in case...It was such a big thrill because this year's winter/spring transition has felt long, cool, rainy, and depressing and this just makes it feel like finally(!) spring has sprung!
The little guy made it! and I feel really good! Like cheering on the tiniest marathon racer in the world with all odds against him...and he wins! Yayyyyyy! There is a glimmer- no, an iridescent explosion of fuchia - hope indeed.
I reported this first annual siting on: http://www.hummingbirds.net/map.html and if you haven't already seen one, then this is the place to do it. Cheers all!


John Freeman said...

that's exciting news ,so happy for the hummers, but I just hope he realizes that it's still pretty chilly here at nite...

Murr Brewster said...

You put out the feeder BEFORE the bird came? I am in awe. I am prostrate at your feet.

Susan Ellis said...

with a tres drole (french words for sardonic) sideways look (slightly raised left eyebrow)...yes, and merci.

Mary said...

Hi Susan,

I think the spotting of the first hummer of the year deserves a day off - a holiday. My feeders are full and waiting two or three weeks before they finally arrive... But that's just me. They ARE amazing little creatures.

Thanks for visiting me.