Memorable Encounters -1

The very first bird I vividly remember was a robin in our backyard in Lloydminster, Alberta. I have a sun-filled memory of the grassy yard, and a tree at the end of the garage that flanked one side of it. In the tree was a nest, and as a curious, precocious four year old, I would sit on the lawn and watch the birds going to and fro. They had worms in their beaks, and the little nestlings would pop up as enormous mouths…waiting and noisy. One morning the happy birdie bliss shifted in to a confrontation with death, as I discovered a scrawny, blue veined baby bird, lying on the lawn and not moving. While the feathered feeding and to and fro-ing continued overhead oblivious to the drama below I learned two important life lessons: that flying creatures are enormously interesting, and falling out of a tree can kill you. Good lessons both.

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Eve said...

This is a great first post Susan. It brought a swell of memories for me. I loved birds as long as I can remember, but my first real exciting moment was when I was about 9 years old. Griffiss AFB, Rome NY. My dad was a pilot and I "borrowed" his huge binoculars that weighed almost as much as I did. Sneaking down into the woods alone I spied my first Evening Grosbeak and I knew just what it was! My heart racing I ran to my trusty bird book to confirm! That memory has stuck with me forever. Thanks for reminding me.